How to improve the operating efficiency of small rolling mills

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With the rapid development of the rolling mill industry, people attention has also increased. Small rolling mills are currently widely used in rolling mills and metal processing industries. High efficiency is its advantage. Rolling mills can be customized to suit their own production requirements according to user requirements, so they are very popular with users.
Rolls are the key components of small rolling mills. If the quality of the rolls fails to meet the requirements, the production efficiency of the rolling mill will naturally not keep up. In addition to its own quality, the use of rolls has a lot to do with the blanks of the rolled products. If the user rolls high-hardness blanks for a long time, the service life of the rolls will also be reduced.

The choice of the lubrication form of the typical parts of the small rolling mill is very important. For example, the working roller gap and the cooling system are lubricated by thin oil circulation; the working roller and supporting roller bearings are generally lubricated with dry oil, and oil film bearings and oil mist and oil-air lubrication are used at high speeds. ; Gear frame, motor bearing, reducer in electric pressure device are lubricated by thin oil circulation; roller, coupling, universal joint shaft and its balance mechanism, rolling mill window flat guide friction pair are lubricated by dry oil.

The small rolling mill rolls are mainly driven by the motor drive to drive the reducer and the main shaft of the gear box for distribution and support. The spindle also bears the impact force generated during the rolling process of the billet and the weight of the roll itself, so the quality and material of the roll must also be selected reasonably, generally based on the rolling speed and the specifications of the rolled product.

The reducer or gearbox friction with the bearing during high-speed operation can easily cause oil leakage, so oil seals are used where they are in contact with the shaft. The design of the guide guard of the small rolling mill is mainly for the rolling stock to enter the rolling mill quickly and smoothly. In industrial operation, in order to improve the operating efficiency of the small rolling mill, it is bound to take corresponding improvement measures.

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