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       Wuxi Tengda HaiChuan new material company is located in the first town of Internet of things in China - Wuxi Hill street machine.Optoelectronic Industrial Park. It is south of Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale, west of Wuxi airport and Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, and adjacent to Bejing Shanghai high speed railway. Land and air transportation is convenient and has unique regional advantages.
       Wuxi Tengda HaiChuan new material company is affiliated to Wuxi Tengda Machinery Manufacturing Co, Ltd, Wuxi Tengda Machinery Co, Ltd. The company has a history of more than 20 years, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan and 150 employees. Its main business is manufacturing and sales.The specifications are two, three, four, six, three, four and continuous reversing irreversible cold and hot rolling mills...



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