Pure nickel strip

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Pure nickel strip
N4, N6 (GB/T5235-2007, GB/T2054-2005, GB/T2072-2007) deformable industrial pure nickel, with ferromagnetism. It has high plasticity in a wide temperature range, and the strength is similar to that of medium carbon steel in the annealed state. It can resist corrosion in a neutral to moderately reducing environment. At the same time, since a passivated oxide film can be formed on the surface of the alloy, it can also be used in an oxidizing environment.

N4, N6 application scope and application fields:
Alkali industry; chlor-alkali chemical industry and organic chloride production; food processing industry; high temperature halogen and salt corrosion environment; electronic instrument parts; various strong alkali-resistant equipment. Polyethylene monomer production equipment, synthetic fiber production, and other processing of fresh water; battery pole pieces.

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